Shayne Dahl Lamas, who currently stars in her own TV show on E! "Leave It to Lamas," stars in her first feature movie, "The 13th Alley."  Her performance has been hailed as one of the best Scream Queens in cinema history! Destined to be a Cult Classic.

Shayne also received the last rose on ABC's popular series, "The Bachelor: London Calling."

Shayne Dahl Lamas is one of a group of college kids who meet up for after-hours "strip" bowling at an alley where Robert Carradine portrays a former priest turned pinsetting mechanic. The fun is suddenly halted when abnormal things begin happening on the 13th alley. Everyone runs to escape, but all exits have been boarded up...

Who is out for revenge?


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"A Hot Blond!! A Slutty Blond!! Hoochie-dancing Jamaican gal!! Bikini-model bodies!!"

"Some Unknown Madman is Merely the Overture to the Orgy of Murder to Come…!!!"

"Rated One Billion Knives, Baby!!!


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